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Homers Landing

The Springfield Cardinals are excited to announce the addition of another brand-new section at Hammons Field - Homers Landing. Homers Landing, named after the section at Busch Stadium, is specially-designed for Pregame Picnics and is located right behind the right-center field wall.

Renovations to the outfield wall have made it possible to watch the game through the fence, providing a one-of-a-kind, field-level view of the action at Hammons Field. The view combines with the private atmosphere and a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet to make Homers Landing the perfect place for Pregame Picnics at the ballpark.

With hospitality and food accommodations included, Pregame Picnics are one of the highest-value options for groups of 20 or more. Through the Picnic Package, your group will get to enjoy an all-inclusive buffet beginning one hour before game time, before moving to your seats to watch the game.

Unless it is booked for a private In-Game Party, Homers Landing will become an open General Admission section once the game starts each night, allowing anyone with a ticket the chance to take advantage of the can't-miss view.

Group Tickets in Homers Landing start at just $10 and Picnic Food Packages start at only $11 per person. Pregame Picnic and In-Game Party availability in the brand-new Homers Landing will fill up quickly, so call the Springfield Cardinals Front Office at (417) 863-0395 to book your outing right now.

Click here to view the menu for Pregame Picnics in Homers Landing.